Welome to our Show!

The Chickadee Cat Club is proud to present the 2nd ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat Show. Open to both purebred cats and household pets, including alters, this six ring event is the only one of its kind in New Brunswick. This year we welcome six judges, hailing from Kentucky, Iowa, Florida, Missouri, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. In keeping with its theme of “Cats Helping Cats”, this year's Benefit Organization is the Kindness Club, which will receive a portion of the gate proceeds.

Last year’s event drew approximately 2500 spectators and nearly 100 cats from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and as far away as Ontario and Maine. Over 30 booths showcased local cat/animal welfare organizations (e.g. S.P.C.A.’s, Kindness Club, Ca-R-Ma) as well as many cat-themed vendors. A very successful raffle and silent auction, family entertainment, such as The Cat in the Hat, face painting, and a display of artwork by local children were also highlights. We are anticipating an even bigger and better show this year.

Besides being an opportunity for cat-lovers to gather together and show off their pets, this event is a chance to learn about cats and responsible pet ownership. In particular, breeders in the region are working hard to raise public awareness of acceptable breeding practices, in hopes of reducing both “kitten mills” and the number of unwanted pets. Come meet with registered, responsible breeders, who can help you choose your perfect pet, or adopt one of the wonderful pets available from local animal shelters. Many of the cats exhibited in the household pet division (including last year's winner) were originally rescued from shelters. With love and care they have become prized - and prize-winning - family members.

Event Details

Host: Chickadee Cat Club
When: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Capital Exhibit Centre (FREX), 339 Smythe Street, Fredericton, NB

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you!

The Chickadee Cat Club would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make the 2nd ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat show a resounding success. We truly appreciate all the volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, advertisers, judges, spectators, and so many others who made the day one to remember. Your hard work and dedication were just fantastic. We hope to see you all next year!

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  1. Here are the reults of the Chickadee Cat Club Second ACFA Championship and Household Pet Cat Show held in Fredericton, NB, Canada on June 6, 2009.

    Congratulations to these winners and to all exhibitors and their "Fabulous Felines". We have received numerous compliments from participating judges, exhibitors and the general public on the Show, and it could not be done without your participation.

    1st Best Cat 207 Blue British Shorthair Male Cat Open Owned by club member Richard Somers of Miramichi, N.B.

    2nd Best Cat 110 Black Persian Male Cat Ch Owned by Carmelita Jollimore of Kingston, N. S.

    3rd Best Cat 119 Ruddy Somali Female Cat Open Owned by Anne-Marie of Dartmouth, N.S.

    1st Best Kitten 1 Tortoiseshell Longhair Exotic Female Kitten Owned by Ellie Smith and Sonja Poirier of Berwick, N.S.

    2nd Best Kitten 11Brown McTabby & White Devon Rex Male Kitten Owned by Club member Michele Gilks, Doaktown, N.B.

    3rd Best Kitten tied 2 Brown Tabby Maine Coon Kitten Owned by Kim Rostad, Club members Tanya Bell and Thomas Sarson, Eastern Passage, N.S.
    And a Cream Exotic Shorthair Male Kitten Owned by Ellie Smith, Berwick, N.S.

    1st Best Alter 319 Seal Point Siamese Spay Alter Gr.Ch. Owned by Yvonne Mossman, Halifax, N.S.

    2nd Best Alter 307 Cream Point Himalayan Neuter Alter Ch. Owned by Angie Abbott, Halifax, N.S.

    3rd Best Alter 309 Cream and White Persian Neuter Alter Gr.Ch. Owned by Club members Claude & Gisele Nowlan, Ste-Anne de Kent, N.B.

    1st Best Household Pet 431 Red and White Shorthair HHP Neuter Supreme Jordan Hunt, Parrsboro, N.S.

    2nd Best Household Pet 410 Blue McTabby & White LH HHP spay HHP Owned by Jim & Carol Buttimer, Hoyt, N.B.

    3rd Best Household Pet 422 Seal Lynx Point Shorthair HHP Female Kitten HHP Owned by Club member Baterice Westhaver, Truro, N.S.

    Best Household Pet Tabby Award 410 Blue McTabby & White LH HHP Spay HHp Owned by Jim & Carol Buttimer, Hoyt, N.B.

    Spectators Choice award Shorthair Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Male Cat Open CanAsianCats Crown Jewel owned by Sylvia Luscombe of Hunter River, PEI

    Spectators Choice Award Longhair Seal Point Birman Neuter Alter GrCh Finn Farm’s Elijah Blue owned by Club members Bev and Julie Amos, Nasonworth, N.B.

    Purrs, Bev