Welome to our Show!

The Chickadee Cat Club is proud to present the 2nd ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat Show. Open to both purebred cats and household pets, including alters, this six ring event is the only one of its kind in New Brunswick. This year we welcome six judges, hailing from Kentucky, Iowa, Florida, Missouri, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. In keeping with its theme of “Cats Helping Cats”, this year's Benefit Organization is the Kindness Club, which will receive a portion of the gate proceeds.

Last year’s event drew approximately 2500 spectators and nearly 100 cats from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and as far away as Ontario and Maine. Over 30 booths showcased local cat/animal welfare organizations (e.g. S.P.C.A.’s, Kindness Club, Ca-R-Ma) as well as many cat-themed vendors. A very successful raffle and silent auction, family entertainment, such as The Cat in the Hat, face painting, and a display of artwork by local children were also highlights. We are anticipating an even bigger and better show this year.

Besides being an opportunity for cat-lovers to gather together and show off their pets, this event is a chance to learn about cats and responsible pet ownership. In particular, breeders in the region are working hard to raise public awareness of acceptable breeding practices, in hopes of reducing both “kitten mills” and the number of unwanted pets. Come meet with registered, responsible breeders, who can help you choose your perfect pet, or adopt one of the wonderful pets available from local animal shelters. Many of the cats exhibited in the household pet division (including last year's winner) were originally rescued from shelters. With love and care they have become prized - and prize-winning - family members.

Event Details

Host: Chickadee Cat Club
When: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Capital Exhibit Centre (FREX), 339 Smythe Street, Fredericton, NB

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you!

The Chickadee Cat Club would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make the 2nd ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat show a resounding success. We truly appreciate all the volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, advertisers, judges, spectators, and so many others who made the day one to remember. Your hard work and dedication were just fantastic. We hope to see you all next year!

Friday, June 5, 2009


It's almost here, everyone! Less than 12 hours to go until the 2nd ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat Show. We hope everyone will join us tomorrow at the Capital Exhibit Centre, 339 Smythe Street, Fredericton, from 9 - 5. Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and students (with ID), $3 for children 5-12, and children under 5 free. The best value for your money is the family pass, going for $10. For a dollar-off coupon, visit www.catshows.us/chickadeecatclub, or scroll down through the blog and print one off for you and a friend.

Remember that the exhibitors should arrive by 8, and gates open to the public at 9. A portion of the gate proceeds will go to the Kindness Club, which is celebratingits 50th anniversary this year. Donations of unopened pet food will be gratefully accepted at the door on behalf of the local food bank and animal shelters.

This year we have even more fabulous felines than in 2008, so pick up the phone, round up some friends, and come on over to the FREX for a day of cats, judging, auctions, raffles, vendors, face painting, art and SO MUCH MORE! >'.'<

Monday, June 1, 2009

The countdown is on!

Well, this is it, everyone. Less than a week to go until the 2nd ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat Show! We are looking forward to seeing a lot of fancy felines and their people this Saturday. If you aren't exhibiting your cat, but would like a chance to attend the show for free, listen to Information Morning on CBC Radio (99.5 fm in Fredericton) for a chance to win a family pass, valued at $10. The Information Morning crew will be giving away the passes as part of their listener of the week draw, which takes place on Friday morning. So tune in and listen for how you can enter the draw.

Thanks again to Myfanwy Davies and the crew at CBC for helping to spread the word!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The entry deadline for the show is fast approaching (MONDAY, MAY 25), so we wanted to give you a checklist to help with your planning before, during, and after the show.

Before Entry Deadline (MAY 25):

* Get Show Flyer & Entry Forms online (ACFA web site, the blog, www.catshows.us or from the Entry Clerk (Bev Amos).
* Complete any registrations for your cats with ACFA (NOT always required, but it allows your cat to earn Titles, such as Champion or Royal).
* Fill out one Entry Summary Form and an ACFA Entry Form for each cat you are entering.
* Send all Entry Forms (with entry fee) to the Entry Clerk, either by email, mail, or in person

Preparing for the Cat Show:

* If this is your first ACFA cat show, or it’s been a while, there are several helpful articles written by the ACFA Cat Show:
"How Do Cat Shows Work"
"The Cat Show"
"Helpful Hints for the New Exhibitor"
"Preparing Your Cat for Show"
* Prepare your Show Curtains for your cat’s benching cage at the show.
* Pack for the show. At a minimum you need curtains, food/water and dishes, litter pan, padding for kitty to rest on, and any grooming tools you need.
* Clip your cat’s claws and bathe them prior to the show (how many days before depends on the breed and type of coat).

Show Day:

* Check-in with Entry Clerk (get your Exhibitor Catalogue and find out where you’re benched).
* Find and set up your benching area.
* Check the catalogue for correctness of your entries.
* Groom your cat for the first Judging Ring.
* Take a deep breath and relax, enjoy the day - it will help your cat be calm too.

After The Show:

* Sanitize your cat as soon as you return home or wherever you’re staying (e.g. mix tamed Iodine with warm water, dip their feet in it and wipe all over them with a wash cloth).
* Give any feedback you’d like to about the show to the Show Manager or other Committee Members.
* Register your cat with ACFA, if it isn’t already, before the next show.
* Fill out and send in Title Confirmation Form to ACFA if your cat earned a title such as Champion or Royal.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming soon...the handy-dandy checklist

We realize that it can seem like there is a lot you need to do and know when exibiting your cat, especially the first time out. We want you to know that it isn't actually that bad, and will soon be posting a checklist of things you need to do before show day. To get you started though, check out the documents listed on the right, which you will need to take care of before the entry deadline of May 25 (or May 4 if you're an early bird).

1) Read the Show Flyer. It has a lot of helpful information about the show itself, including a few rules and regulations.
2) ACFA Entry Form. You need to fill out one of these forms for EACH cat that you enter.
3) Chickadee Cat Club Entry Summary Form - You need to fill out just ONE copy of this form, no matter how many cats you enter. Submit this form and the ACFA Entry Form(s) to Bev Amos, with the entry fee, by the entry deadline.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Updated Show Poster and Coupons

Time is ticking away and we have just under two months left before the show! Right now we hope everyone is thinking about getting their kitty registered for the show. The early bird deadline to register is less than 1 month away (May 4).

Closer to the show, we hope that anyone who can will take a moment and put up a few posters in their local area. Since many people will only have access to 8.5 x 11 paper, Sherry has made up a slightly smaller version of the spectator poster for people to use.


As an added incentive to get spectators out to the show, please also feel free to print off the following dollar-off coupons, and distribute them to friends and family (and total strangers, for that matter!). If you are talking to people about the show, the coupons are a great way to provide them with a little "written record" of the show information.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Pre-Show Fundraising Raffle Items

As promised, here are some pictures of the great prizes we have for this year's Pre-Show Fundraising Raffle, which is now underway. The raffle draw will take place at the Show on June 6, 2009 at the Capital Exhibit Centre.

We have three fabulous prizes to be drawn for:

1st - A cat themed, throw-size, “Cabin Cats” Rag Quilt (made by Louise Washburn and Sherry Pellerin)

2nd - Oak Cat Bed with Royal Canin Cat Food and Tunnel Toy (donated by Thompson Tigers and Royal Canin)

3rd - Feline Funky Lunch Bag with matching napkins, cutlery, and ice pack (made by Joan Gamble)

Please call Bev Amos, 459-2780, to get some tickets to sell and a poster to have with you so you can show people what the prizes are (and don’t forget to ask for lots of tickets because you’ll want to buy a bunch for yourself when you see these prizes!). If you have a place at work or elsewhere you can put up the poster, you can write your name on it with a note asking people to see you for tickets.

Ticket prices are:
1 for $1
3 for $2
9 for $5